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First off, that is me on the left (I'm pictured with my niece). Okay, I'm not exactly the biggest book nerd out there, but books have been a very important part of my life. It has helped me through things like, ohhhhhh, real life maybe. In my hours of triumph to the darkest of tragedies, books have always been important to me. Depending on my mood at a given time - like many of us - will depend on what kind of book I'm reading. Reading opens the mind and makes the world more understandable in its complication. Simply put, I love the world of books...........

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"Little Failure" is not.......

Little Failure - Gary Shteyngart

It must be gotten out of the way right up front: I never even heard of Gary Shteyngart before I put "Little Failure" on my "Wish List" on my Barnes and Noble Nook. I read a blurb somewhere - more than likely the Huffington Post (while it was still the Huffington Post), in which in a small paragraph managed to convince me this was a book worth reading. Finally the price was reduced, and being unemployed at the time, swooped at the chance to purchase the book at a really cheap price.


But honestly, it would have been worth the full price. Though only 41 when he wrote this memoir, I can tell you his life was anything but dull. This is someone who was born a Russian Jew in Leningrad, and by the time he was 7 was living in the Bronx when his parents had to flee the collapsing Soviet Union. So having to go from Soviet Union to soon-to-be-Reagan years would be enough for someone to feel a little alienated, confused, not to mention angry and sad. Which would lead to a drug-induced stay at college, and how, despite all that has happened to him, ended up being a writer - and a very highly praised one at that. Yes, it's having to come to terms with what has happened, acceptance, and moving on. Not that original, but told in an original prose that now makes me want to read his other works.


And trust me, I will. But first..............