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First off, that is me on the left (I'm pictured with my niece). Okay, I'm not exactly the biggest book nerd out there, but books have been a very important part of my life. It has helped me through things like, ohhhhhh, real life maybe. In my hours of triumph to the darkest of tragedies, books have always been important to me. Depending on my mood at a given time - like many of us - will depend on what kind of book I'm reading. Reading opens the mind and makes the world more understandable in its complication. Simply put, I love the world of books...........

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BORN TO RUN by Bruce Springsteen

Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen

Been listening to Springsteen for 38 years now. It started with "Darkness on the Edge of Town" - which I only bought because, well, I liked the title. I never heard of Bruce Springsteen let alone what he had done with his 3 previous albums (and no, I don't know HOW "Born to Run" got past me - but it did). So upon playing the first songs, must confess I was a little, well, whelmed with his voice. I wasn't used to raspy voices beings I was basically brought up on Top 40 (Bob Dylan, for that matter, usually talks his way through most of his songs so I'm not counting him). What in heck was he saying? So I grabbed the lyrics sheet. That is what hooked me. And not only that, I noticed that after 3 or so songs, I didn't even notice the voice.


I CONSIDER myself a huge Springsteen fan, but I've ONLY seen him in concert 15 times total over 36 years. Most of his most devoted fans see him that many times in one month of a tour. But that didn't make me any less anxious to read his autobiography. And guess what? If he had missed his calling as a rock performer/songwriter/singer etc., he would have found it with writing. Because damn, he is a very good writer.


He does not spare himself. He says it pretty much like it is - his strengths and his weaknesses. He talks of his starting out - which is a good reminder that EVERYBODY has to start somewhere, the years of struggle, his signing with Columbia Records, and the level of fame that he reached. He doesn't trash anybody (he speaks only positively and affectionally of his first wife), but of course he doesn't tell us EVERYTHING - hey, he's worked hard enough to be able to keep certain things to himself.


And beings this only took me 2-1/2 weeks to devour 527 pages, that should tell you something as I can't even remember the last time I read a book that quickly - and many of them weren't even 300 pages. So yes, the book is great, and I'm recommending it - ESPECIALLY for the Springsteen fan. Enjoy.