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First off, that is me on the left (I'm pictured with my niece). Okay, I'm not exactly the biggest book nerd out there, but books have been a very important part of my life. It has helped me through things like, ohhhhhh, real life maybe. In my hours of triumph to the darkest of tragedies, books have always been important to me. Depending on my mood at a given time - like many of us - will depend on what kind of book I'm reading. Reading opens the mind and makes the world more understandable in its complication. Simply put, I love the world of books...........

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Yep, finished 2 books in about a month

The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements - Eric Hoffer

Miracles do happen - I started and finished a book within a few weeks. That is amazing considering my schedule now. hehehe.


But this one is a jaw-dropper. This was written by a man who was once a longshoreman. Not someone who had several college degrees. And what this guy observed about the human species is indeed amazing. Okay, he gets irritating in that he uses 2 or 3 big words in about every sentence to prove he is indeed smart, but his explanations about what can turn a person into a fanatic for a particular cause is pretty much on the mark. It was first published in 1951 - LONG before 9/11, and he already explained the mindset of the people who pulled off one of the deadly attacks in history. It is a fascinating read.